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Parenting in a Digital Age: Local Church Offers Tech Learning Classes for Parents

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 15, 2024
Parenting in a Digital Age: Local Church Offers Tech Learning Classes for Parents

Parenting in today’s world can be challenging, especially when technology is added to the mix. The Church at Tuscaloosa recently hosted a parent summit to provide guidance on raising children in a technologically advanced society. Parents of children of all ages attended the event to gain information tailored to their specific needs.

The summit focused on the importance of considering children’s mental health when parenting in a tech-driven world. Breakout sessions were organized based on different age groups, including preschool, elementary, middle, and high school. Nicole Tegner, the Communications Director of The Church at Tuscaloosa, explained that the event was designed to help parents navigate the complexities of parenting in a digital age.

One of the key speakers at the event, Jeff Jones, emphasized the importance of setting boundaries and being consistent in enforcing them. He advised parents to be open and honest when they make mistakes, as this can help children understand different parenting techniques as they grow older. By establishing boundaries early on, children can better comprehend parental expectations and rules.

Overall, the parent summit at The Church at Tuscaloosa aimed to provide parents with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively raise children in a technology-rich environment. With a focus on mental health and setting boundaries, parents were empowered to navigate the challenges of modern-day parenting with confidence and support.

By Samantha Johnson

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