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Riot at Guayaquil Regional Prison in Ecuador leaves one dead and four injured

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 29, 2024
Riot at Guayaquil Regional Prison in Ecuador leaves one dead and four injured

A riot that occurred at the Regional Prison of Guayaquil in Ecuador has left three prisoners dead and six others injured. The Government has declared a state of emergency due to an “internal armed conflict” against organized crime gangs. The National Service of Comprehensive Attention to Persons Deprived of Liberty (SNAI) confirmed the number of deceased prisoners and injured individuals after the riot.

The disturbances within the prison began late at night, with explosions and fires caused by inmates burning mattresses. It took the police and armed forces around four hours to regain control of the prison, which is part of a larger complex housing around 12,000 prisoners. The inmates were reportedly protesting the treatment by the military during the militarization of Ecuadorian prisons under the state of emergency.

Two prisoners have been identified as allegedly responsible for inciting the riot and have been placed under the custody of the Ecuadorian Justice system to be prosecuted for the crime of terrorism. Relatives of the inmates gathered outside the prison, demanding information and protesting against the treatment of their loved ones. They expressed concerns about the abuse and lack of rights that the prisoners have been facing since the state of emergency was declared.

During the militarization of the prisons, there have been reports of human rights violations by the Armed Forces. The Guayaquil Regional Prison has been a frequent target of operations to seize weapons and prohibited items from the prison population. The prison complex has a history of gang control and extortion among the inmates, leading to unrest and violence.

The situation in the prison system remains tense, with ongoing efforts to address internal conflicts and improve conditions for the inmates. The government’s response to the riots and the state of emergency declaration have sparked criticism from human rights organizations and relatives of the prisoners. The need for a comprehensive and humane approach to prison management and rehabilitation is evident in light of recent events.

By Samantha Johnson

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