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Thailand’s Initial Move to Legalize Casinos in Efforts to Boost Economy

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 29, 2024
Thailand’s Initial Move to Legalize Casinos in Efforts to Boost Economy

Thailand is making moves towards legalizing casinos in order to attract high-spending tourists and boost the economy. The government is hoping to address revenue losses from illegal gambling by allowing casinos to be housed within large entertainment complexes. The House of Representatives voted in favor of a study to explore this possibility, with a majority of lawmakers supporting the plan.

In addition to the casino proposal, the lower house has also given initial approval to several draft bills aimed at reforming the alcohol industry. One of the proposed changes includes lifting a long-standing ban on liquor sales between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. However, provincial officials may still have the authority to regulate alcohol sales in their areas.

These developments mark a significant shift in Thailand’s stance on gambling and alcohol regulations. The government is looking to create new economic opportunities and attract more tourists while also addressing issues related to illegal activities in these sectors. With these changes in place, Thailand’s economy could receive a much-needed boost in the coming years.

By Samantha Johnson

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