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The anticipated economic boost in Indianapolis due to the influence of Caitlin Clark

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 13, 2024
The anticipated economic boost in Indianapolis due to the influence of Caitlin Clark

The buzz around Caitlin Clark has taken Indianapolis by storm, with economic projections showing a major boost for the city. The anticipated selection of Clark as the No. 1 draft pick by the Indiana Fever has already led to a surge in ticket sales and fan enthusiasm. A study conducted by a Ball State University professor suggests that the “Caitlin Clark effect” could generate significant revenue for Indianapolis.

Dr. Michael Hicks, who conducted the study, predicts that Clark’s addition to the Fever’s roster could bring in over 26,000 extra fans to the stands compared to last season. This increased attendance is expected to not only benefit Indianapolis but also have a ripple effect on other cities where Clark plays. Dr. Hicks estimates that the hype surrounding Clark could result in more than $2.5 million in revenue for Indianapolis.

The excitement around Clark and women’s basketball in general is palpable among fans and viewers. IU students are expressing their admiration for Clark’s record-breaking performances and the increased recognition of women’s basketball players. The recent NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship game attracted more viewers than the men’s championship, highlighting the growing interest in women’s sports.

Stacey Miller-Jones, a fan of women’s basketball, is thrilled to see female athletes getting the recognition they deserve. She is excited to witness the success of women in sports and the growing interest in women’s basketball. With the WNBA draft fast approaching, the anticipation for Clark’s entry into the league is at an all-time high. The Fever’s upcoming season is eagerly awaited, with the first game scheduled for May 14 against the Connecticut Sun and the home opener on May 16 against the New York Liberty.

By Samantha Johnson

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