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The economy of bootleg concert t-shirts and bodysuits in the Taylor Swift fandom

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 16, 2024
The economy of bootleg concert t-shirts and bodysuits in the Taylor Swift fandom

Taylor Swift fans looking for merchandise to show their love and devotion to the pop star may be disappointed when visiting her official online store, as it currently only offers preorders of special-edition CDs, cassettes, and vinyl of her upcoming album release, The Tortured Poets Department on April 19. Despite this, the Swiftie economy continues to thrive with numerous retailers on platforms like Etsy, Amazon.com, and print-on-demand sites like Redbubble offering a wide range of Swift-inspired merchandise including T-shirts, bodysuits, and friendship bracelets.

Fans often find inspiration to emulate Taylor Swift’s style, with videos of concert attendees wearing outfits similar to her bedazzled bodysuits from the Eras Tour gaining popularity on platforms like TikTok. Last year, during Swift’s tour across the US, fans exchanged friendship bracelets to commemorate their attendance, leading Etsy vendors to sell $3 million worth of these beaded trinkets in just six months.

Ultimately, while Taylor Swift’s official store may currently have limited offerings, the fandom’s dedication and creativity have led to a thriving market for merchandise inspired by the pop star. Fans can easily find a variety of items to express their love for Swift through different online platforms.

By Samantha Johnson

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