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The PS5 Pro: Enhanced with a more powerful GPU and faster CPU

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 17, 2024
The PS5 Pro: Enhanced with a more powerful GPU and faster CPU

Sony is currently developing a new version of the PlayStation 5 console known as the PS5 Pro. This new console will feature a more powerful GPU and a high-frequency CPU mode. Internally known as Trinity, this hardware will offer developers the choice between a standard mode running at 3.5 GHz and a high CPU frequency mode running at 3.85 GHz.

In the high-frequency mode, more power is allocated to the CPU while the GPU receives less power, resulting in a 1% decrease in performance. The memory configuration of the PS5 Pro is more efficient, providing a bandwidth gain of up to 28%. Developers will have greater control over system memory, with the ability to use an additional 1.2 GB for some games, totaling 13.7 GB compared to the 12.5 GB allocated on the current PS5.

The PS5 Pro will support Sony’s PSSR rescaling technology, offering compatibility with HDR and an architecture capable of supporting 300 TOPS 8-bit computing. The console is rumored to offer an 8K resolution, 45% faster rendering speed, and 33.5 teraflops of performance power. It will also include a removable disk drive, 1TB storage, and increase memory performance by 28% to 576 GB/s.

In terms of CPU, the PS5 Pro is expected to have the same as the standard PS5 but with a high-frequency mode that can increase power by 10%. The console will also feature PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution scaling technology and a custom machine learning architecture for image enhancement and AI acceleration. Overall, the PS5 Pro aims to provide a more powerful and enhanced gaming experience for players.

By Samantha Johnson

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