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UNESCO Supports Sudanese Artists in Cairo to Bridge Art and Technology

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 14, 2024
UNESCO Supports Sudanese Artists in Cairo to Bridge Art and Technology

The UNESCO Regional Office for Egypt and Sudan recently participated in a public event organized by the Sudanese Artist Union—Cairo Branch to show continued support for Sudanese cultural professionals facing challenges. The event featured a lecture by Prof Abdo Osman from Khartoum University’s Faculty of Art, titled “The Seven Hypotheses,” exploring the fascinating intersection of color and music. The innovative talk demonstrated how syncing music with color visuals can enhance the sensory experience for audiences, offering a new level of enjoyment.

During the lecture, Prof Osman discussed cutting-edge technologies like color-to-music scanners and electronic implants that have the potential to make music more accessible to those with visual and hearing impairments. This signifies a significant step towards inclusivity in the arts, aiming to broaden the reach of music to a wider audience.

In light of the conflict that began in 2023, UNESCO has increased its support for Sudanese artists and cultural professionals through the UNESCO Aschberg Programme, operating within the frameworks of the 2005 Cultural Diversity Convention and the 1980 Recommendation on the Status of Artists. This support includes swift damage assessments of cultural institutions and advocacy efforts to protect and promote the cultural rights of artists and musicians.

Recognizing the vital role of artists and cultural professionals during times of conflict, UNESCO emphasizes the significance of their work in healing, addressing trauma, promoting reconciliation, and building societal resilience. Through their artistic expressions, these cultural actors are seen as ambassadors of peace, leading the way towards a more harmonious and resilient future.

By Samantha Johnson

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