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University Announces Renovation of Meat Science Laboratory

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 12, 2024
University Announces Renovation of Meat Science Laboratory

The University’s Meat Science Laboratory is undergoing renovations nearly four decades after its opening. The $3 million project aims to improve research efficiency and address HVAC and structural issues. Students have expressed the need for upgrades due to the lab’s run-down appearance and confusing layout.

The renovation plans include installing a new ceiling in the meat and egg sales facility and expanding the test kitchen. The current space is described as small and cramped, prompting the need for a more spacious environment. Funding for the project was secured through the USDA Research Facilities Act Program, which supports agricultural research facilities.

The College of ACES and Facilities and Services are also contributing to the project financially, allowing for a more comfortable space for classes and public sales. The Meat Science Laboratory, originally an animal hospital for the College of Veterinary Medicine, was repurposed in the 1980s for research purposes.

In addition to classrooms and offices, the lab houses the meat and egg salesroom, which is open to the public. Various operations under the College of ACES are conducted in the building. The announcement of the renovation project was made on April 4, with construction timelines yet to be determined.

Overall, the renovations are seen as necessary improvements to enhance the functionality and appearance of the Meat Science Laboratory. Students and faculty are looking forward to the updates that will modernize the facility and provide a more efficient space for research and education.

By Samantha Johnson

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