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Whole Blood Ambulances in the Field of Science and Medicine

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 14, 2024
Whole Blood Ambulances in the Field of Science and Medicine

For the past five years, San Antonio has been making headlines in the world of first responders. Dr. CJ Winckler, the deputy medical director of the San Antonio Fire Department, shared that the city was one of the pioneers in the United States to introduce whole blood transfusion in their EMS system. This innovation has been a game-changer as it allows first responders to administer blood to patients who are at risk of bleeding to death before reaching the hospital.

This advancement in San Antonio has been critical in saving lives in various situations such as blunt hemorrhagic shock cases, often resulting from car accidents, and penetrating trauma incidents like gunshot wounds or knife stab wounds. Winckler shared a powerful example of a young mother who was saved by the prehospital blood transfusion program. These success stories have shown a significant increase in saving lives, particularly in cases of blunt trauma, demonstrating remarkable outcomes thanks to the blood transfusion initiative.

Over the last five years, the knowledge and experience gained from implementing a prehospital blood program in San Antonio have been invaluable. Dr. Winckler emphasized that their program has received attention nationwide and even globally, with many looking to San Antonio for guidance on establishing similar initiatives. The city has become a training ground for many individuals, both in the United States and beyond, eager to learn from their successful approach to prehospital blood transfusion programs.

The partnership between TPR and The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, known as Science & Medicine, aims to delve into the scientific discoveries in San Antonio that are revolutionizing medical practices worldwide. As San Antonio continues to lead the way in prehospital blood transfusion programs, the city’s success in this area has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for first responders and medical professionals globally.

By Samantha Johnson

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