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Buchanan High School Science Teacher Wins Regional Teacher of the Year Award

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 13, 2024
Buchanan High School Science Teacher Wins Regional Teacher of the Year Award

Melissa Frost, a dedicated science teacher at Buchanan High School, has been honored as the Michigan Department of Education’s “Region 7 Teacher of the Year for 2024-2025”. The Teacher of the Year program, organized by the Michigan Department of Education, aims to celebrate outstanding educators who demonstrate exemplary dedication to their profession and make significant contributions to the field of education. Frost exemplifies those qualities through her commitment to her students and innovative approaches to teaching.

In December, Frost had the opportunity to present at the American Geophysical Union Conference in San Francisco, California, a highly regarded event. At the conference, Frost shared her insights from her participation in the Research Experience for Teachers Program at the Kellogg Biological Station Long-Term Ecological Research Program at Michigan State University. Frost’s contributions to scientific research and education are described as not only enhancing her teaching practice but also enriching the learning experiences of her students.

Frost is also involved with the Buchanan High School’s Habitat Restoration project and the Buchanan Community Schools Farm Committee, where she helps provide outdoor education opportunities for over 600 elementary students annually. As Regional Teacher of the Year, Frost will serve as a member of the Michigan Teacher Leadership Advisory Council. In that position she will advocate for teacher voices and the enhancement of Michigan’s public education system.

By Samantha Johnson

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