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Charter Four Seasons’ Private Jet for $115,000 per Day

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 13, 2024
Charter Four Seasons’ Private Jet for $115,000 per Day

Four Seasons is known for its luxury hotels around the world, but the company also offers travel experiences with its own private jet. The Four Seasons Airbus A321neoLR is typically used for set experiences but is now available for charter at a cost of $115,000 a day. The jet has 48 leather seats that can lie flat and features a lounge on board.

For the first time, Four Seasons is offering its own Airbus A321neoLR for charter, allowing up to 48 people to experience luxury air travel. The jet has a maximum range of 4,600 miles, making it ideal for long-haul trips. The European planemaker is also planning to deliver its first XLR later this year, which could revolutionize luxury air travel.

With the Boeing 737 Max fallout potentially benefiting Airbus, airlines may start to consider the A321neoXLR for their fleets. The Airbus A321neoXLR offers an extended range and improved fuel efficiency, making it an attractive option for airlines looking to upgrade their aircraft.

By Samantha Johnson

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