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Tesla Workers Fear Impending Layoffs

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 13, 2024
Tesla Workers Fear Impending Layoffs

Tesla employees are on edge as rumors of potential layoffs circulate. There are concerns that the cuts could begin as early as this weekend, following a drop in deliveries during Tesla’s first quarter. Some employees have reported hearing chatter about possible layoffs at various Tesla locations, including the Austin gigafactory and the Fremont factory. While there has not been any official communication from management about the layoffs, employees are bracing themselves for the possibility.

This is not the first time Tesla employees have faced uncertainty about potential layoffs. In February, the company reportedly asked managers to identify crucial roles within the organization, leading to delays in performance reviews for some employees. These reviews were later rescheduled, but the anxiety surrounding possible layoffs has persisted.

The tech industry as a whole has seen a wave of layoffs this year, with major companies like Google and Microsoft making cuts. Tesla’s recent struggles, including a decline in first-quarter deliveries, have added to the speculation surrounding potential job cuts within the company. In the midst of this uncertainty, employees are left wondering about their future at Tesla.

If you work at Tesla and have any information about potential layoffs, you can reach out to the reporter at gkay@businessinsider.com. Tesla has not responded to requests for comment regarding the rumors of imminent layoffs.

By Samantha Johnson

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