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Children Discover Marine Life in Aquarium Science Camp

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 16, 2024
Children Discover Marine Life in Aquarium Science Camp

During this summer, children have the chance to participate in science activities and discover the interesting water systems in Santa Monica at Heal the Bay’s Aquarium Science Camp.

Heal the Bay is a nonprofit organization committed to ensuring that the coastal waters and watersheds in Greater Los Angeles are safe, healthy, and clean. They provide various programs and camps throughout the year with the goal of nurturing students’ passion for science and learning.

The Aquarium Science Camp runs from June 24 to July 26 and offers kids a hands-on experience to study the ocean, learn about the natural world, and explore marine science. Each week, campers get to discover different ocean environments, interact with live animals at the Aquarium, observe the beach, play games, and develop a sense of responsibility as ocean stewards.

According to Kelly Kelly, Heal the Bay’s Associate Director of Aquarium Education, the camp provides a fun and engaging way for children to learn science by involving them in activities like exploring the beach, finding sand crabs, and other interactive experiences that increase their interest in science and the ocean.

In addition to classroom learning, the camp environment allows the kids to directly observe, ask questions, construct explanations, and communicate information in a more enjoyable and engaging manner. The camp takes place at the Heal the Bay Aquarium located at the Santa Monica Pier and is open to kids from kindergarten to eighth grade.

Those interested can choose from daily or weekly rates and find more information about the camps by visiting https://healthebay.org/camps/. For any questions, contact Robert Ramos at rramos@healthebay.org.

By Samantha Johnson

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