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Enhancing Communities through the Integration of Science, Art, and Engagement

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 16, 2024
Enhancing Communities through the Integration of Science, Art, and Engagement

Editors’ Highlights provide summaries of recent articles from AGU’s journal editors. Science plays a crucial role in identifying emerging hazards that can impact communities. These hazards range from long-term effects of climate change to localized issues like sinkholes. Science also offers insights and prediction potential to help communities prepare for and address these challenges.

The CREATE Resilience project, led by the Nurture Nature Center in Easton, Pennsylvania, showcased how communities can become more resilient. The project involved engaging with people of all ages, creating public murals, and providing information in a community-specific booklet. Projects like CREATE Resilience demonstrate the importance of community engagement and preparedness to address hazards.

Innovative initiatives like CREATE Resilience can serve as models for building community resilience. It is essential to recognize the importance of long-term preparedness and support beyond short-term interventions. Understanding the impact on different stakeholders is crucial for creating a ripple effect that strengthens community resilience.

The study by Semmens et al. [2023] titled “CREATE resilience through science, art, and community engagement” delves into the details of the CREATE Resilience project. The project’s success highlights the power of combining science, art, and community engagement to build resilience. Overall, projects like CREATE Resilience show the potential for collaboration and creativity in addressing community challenges.

It is important to continue supporting and promoting initiatives that build community resilience and preparedness for future hazards. The combination of scientific insights, community engagement, and creative approaches can lead to sustainable solutions for communities facing various challenges.

By Samantha Johnson

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