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Israel may refrain from directly striking Iranian territory

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 16, 2024
Israel may refrain from directly striking Iranian territory

According to US officials, in response to the recent raid, Israel is likely to target Iranian proxy forces and soldiers abroad instead of directly attacking Iran. The four US officials revealed that their comments were based on discussions between Washington and Tel Aviv before Iran’s attack on Israeli territory on April 13. The attack, which involved more than 300 missiles and drones, was a retaliation for an earlier attack on Iran’s consulate in Syria that killed 7 members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

During the discussions between the US and Israel, the Israeli side informed the US of various response scenarios, ranging from no military action to a direct attack on Iranian territory. US officials believe that due to the lack of casualties and major damage caused by Iran’s raid, Israel is more likely to choose a softer response by targeting proxies or soldiers outside of Iran’s territory, such as in Syria.

Despite the lack of a final decision from Israel’s war cabinet on the method and timing of retaliation, there is a consensus among its members on the need to respond to Iran. The US government has not been informed of Israel’s final decision or any potential changes in their response scenario following Iran’s attack.

Both the US and Israeli governments have refrained from commenting on the situation. Israeli government spokesman David Mencer stated that all options are still being considered, while military commander Herzi Halevi confirmed that a response to Iran is imminent, without specifying details.

Israel aims to coordinate its actions with Washington in order to avoid sparking conflict in the region and to maintain alliances against Iran. Both countries have previously called on Israel to exercise restraint in order to reduce tensions in the Middle East.

By Samantha Johnson

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