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Israeli authorities are accused of obstructing investigation into Hamas crimes by UN investigators

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 17, 2024
Israeli authorities are accused of obstructing investigation into Hamas crimes by UN investigators

During a briefing in Geneva organized by Egypt, Chris Sidoti, a member of the UN commission investigating the crimes of Hamas, accused Israeli authorities of preventing communication with victims and witnesses of the attack on October 7. Sidoti stated that the Israeli government not only showed an unwillingness to cooperate but also actively hindered the commission’s efforts to obtain testimony from Israeli witnesses and victims.

The UN commission, which includes Sidoti, is investigating crimes committed by Hamas as well as collecting evidence of Israeli war crimes in the Palestinian territories following Black Saturday. Sidoti called for cooperation from the Israeli government and encouraged victims and witnesses of Hamas crimes to come forward and contact the commission. While some Israelis have been contacted by the commission, Sidoti expressed a desire to interview more individuals.

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By Samantha Johnson

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