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Largest investment management firm anticipates market rebound

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 16, 2024
Largest investment management firm anticipates market rebound

BlackRock Inc.’s co-founder, Robert Kapito, believes that the markets are ready for a resurgence. At the Asia Pacific Financial and Innovation Symposium in Melbourne, Kapito emphasized that there is currently nearly $9 trillion in money market funds and an equal amount in cash alternatives at banks, creating a significant amount of liquidity that could drive the equity market. He stressed that investors should closely monitor this cash pile as it has the potential to have a major impact.

The speed at which investors choose to move away from cash may be influenced by the Federal Reserve’s upcoming decisions on interest rates. With strong US economic growth and persistent inflation, there is a possibility that the Fed may raise interest rates, which could reach as high as 6.5% next year according to UBS Group AG strategists. A rate hike could lead investors to shift their money away from cash and into other investment options.

Kapito has previously highlighted the vast amounts of cash sitting in money markets and the potential for it to be redirected to other assets if interest rates decline. He suggested that a significant portion of this cash could be allocated to bonds and other investment vehicles like model portfolios and exchange-traded funds. BlackRock is positioning itself as a comprehensive solution for investors, offering a range of investment options including alternative assets that are increasingly popular among institutional clients like pensions and sovereign wealth funds. Although alternatives currently only make up around 3% of BlackRock’s assets under management, they generate approximately 10% of fees for the company.

By Samantha Johnson

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