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Local Business in Pittsburgh Offers Trash Curbside Service

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 13, 2024
Local Business in Pittsburgh Offers Trash Curbside Service

A new business in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania is offering to take the weekly chore of taking out the trash off your hands. They will come to your house, take your trash cans to the curb, and put them back in the appropriate spot after the trash has been picked up. This service was created to assist individuals who may not be able to perform this task themselves, either due to physical limitations or simply not having the time.

The owner of the business, Mike Prosky, stated that taking out the trash can be a burden and is something that most people forget to do at times. The goal of the business, called Curbside Appeal, is to provide a solution for those who have difficulty with this task. This service is especially beneficial for elderly individuals and those with physical disabilities who cannot handle the weight and size of trash cans.

In Allegheny County, census data shows that 20 percent of the population is 65 years and older, excluding those with physical limitations. Prosky believes that there are many people who are unable to take out their trash due to various reasons, which is where his business can be of help. Trash cans are getting larger and heavier, making the task even more challenging for some individuals.

Since starting the business in March, Prosky has gained several customers in the Penn Hills and Plum areas. He plans to focus on serving the eastern suburbs initially and offers rates of $40 per month for weekly service and $20 for biweekly service. Customers have responded positively to the service, with many expressing surprise that such a service exists and finding it to be a great convenience. For more information, individuals can call 412-609-4495.

By Samantha Johnson

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