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Bay Ridge business owners and community board give mixed reviews on ‘City of Yes’ plan

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 12, 2024
Bay Ridge business owners and community board give mixed reviews on ‘City of Yes’ plan

New York City has introduced a new plan called the “City of Yes” plan to update zoning regulations, but the Bay Ridge Community Board is strongly opposed to a portion of the plan. The controversy revolves around zoning changes that would allow for the expansion of businesses. In particular, the plan would permit small stores to open in residential areas and would also allow businesses with three employees to operate out of a home.

Members of Brooklyn’s Community Board 10 are concerned that these changes would blur the lines between business and residential areas too much. They worry that allowing commercial activities in residential areas could lead to further expansion beyond what is currently proposed. One member of the Bay Ridge community board expressed this sentiment, saying, “It stuns us when we read these proposals to move commercial into residential areas. The concern is that it won’t stop there; it will just continue to grow.”

Despite the opposition from the community board, some local businesses like Henry’s Florist support the proposed changes. They believe that having businesses on commercial streets is essential for the success of local businesses. Henry, the owner of Henry’s Florist, commented on the need for a solution, stating, “They have to find some kind of solution. Right now we have banks, but that doesn’t help people. We need to draw people in.”

Overall, the “City of Yes” plan has sparked a heated debate within the Bay Ridge community, with differing opinions on whether the proposed zoning changes will benefit local businesses or negatively impact residential areas.

By Samantha Johnson

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