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Two separate incidents in Minden result in lightning strikes hitting man and business

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 11, 2024
Two separate incidents in Minden result in lightning strikes hitting man and business

Severe storms swept through the ArkLaTex region on April 8-10, bringing heavy rain and causing flooding and damage in the town of Minden, Louisiana. One of the most significant impacts of the storms in Minden was lightning strikes.

The Minden Fire Department (MFD) Chief Bryan reported that they responded to two separate incidents involving lightning within a span of 30 minutes. The first incident involved a business on Martin Luther King Drive, where the building was possibly struck by lightning, leading to a fire. The MFD is currently investigating the cause of the fire.

In the second incident, the Minden Police Department (MPD) confirmed that a man was injured when lightning struck a tree nearby. It is believed that the lightning traveled through the ground and struck the man while he was outside. The victim, who has no recollection of the event, only remembers going outside to retrieve something. Fortunately, the man is said to be okay following the incident.

The town of Minden is dealing with the aftermath of the severe weather, which has left some residents and businesses facing damage and destruction. The community is coming together to support those affected and begin the process of recovery. Copyright 2024 KSLA. All rights reserved.

By Samantha Johnson

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