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Best Moments and Celebrity Guests at Japan’s State Dinner

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 12, 2024
Best Moments and Celebrity Guests at Japan’s State Dinner

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden recently hosted a state dinner for the prime minister of Japan at the White House. The East Room was adorned with cherry blossoms, which were also incorporated into the menu and guests’ attire. Notable attendees included Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Robert De Niro, and the Clintons.

President Biden and first lady Jill Biden welcomed Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and his wife, Yuko Kishida, to the White House for the state dinner. The event was more than just a formal occasion, as the two leaders reaffirmed military and economic partnerships between the US and Japan. They also announced new technology initiatives related to cybersecurity, sustainability, and artificial intelligence.

Hillary Clinton was seen wearing a pink caftan resembling a Japanese kimono while attending the state dinner with her husband, former President Bill Clinton. She shared a photo of the event on Instagram, expressing excitement at being present to welcome the guests. Prime Minister Kishida raised a toast to President Biden with a quote from “Star Trek,” symbolizing hope for future endeavors between the two countries.

During his speech, President Biden touched on the history between the US and Japan, acknowledging the challenges and the progress made in forging a strong diplomatic relationship post-World War II. He emphasized the importance of continuing to work together towards shared goals and mutual understanding.

By Samantha Johnson

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